Fire Up Your Business With Heatmapping

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  • by: Charles Good

Data analytics is the next great way to receive and monitor consumer information and behavior. But what happens after that data is collected? At Digital Factory, we use our patented technology Present™ to turn data into actionable insights for brands. We offer a real-time heat mapping system built into our Present™ analytics dashboard. This tool gives the data animated life and shows the results precisely where and when the most engagements occur within the existing micro-fences.


Let’s create a real world situation involving our Present™ analytics tech.  Say your company is curious about opening another retail location in downtown Chicago. Using our heat mapping tool, we plug in to the back end of your existing app and can show the human aggregation at the possible locations for your storefront and any relation between neighboring businesses or competing retailers. Our technology can then analyze those locations and figure out their most active hours, how often people typically shop, and what kind of promotions draw the most engagement. So even before breaking ground, your company can have the advantage of seeing the most optimal storefront location. 


After a spot is chosen, our Present™ dashboard and real-time heat mapping technology can help determine the hours of operation and promotions that will most impactfully drive consumer engagement. We would then continually work with you as a company to improve any functionality to drive increasing levels of success.


Our technology at Digital Factory is not just focused on collecting and storing data. We want to help you be as efficient as possible as your company grows and expands into new store locations across cities. By using our Present™ technology, we can help show any movement that comes into your micro-fences which allows you to make any necessary adjustments and improvement as your company continues to scale.


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