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Lawrence Griffith
Lawrence has been breaking new ground in digital for more than 15 years. Leading diverse digital and social initiatives for companies like Procter & Gamble, Hasbro Inc. and Nokia, Lawrence is an innovator having founded three successful businesses. A serial entrepreneur, he has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Who's Who, Bloomberg Businessweek, and National Public Radio.
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Adrian Delancy
Adrian has developed and managed all facets of technology from optics to wireless communications and from energy sustainability to information technology. A master of the software development life cycle, he completed scientific research and development on major projects for institutions such as Purdue, Harvard, Princeton, and Accenture.
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Vikas Wadhwa
Vikas has over a decade of experience in information technology consulting and management. He also possesses deep creativity and a love of innovation—Vikas is the founder of several film and video production companies working on projects for such companies as Allstate, Accenture, and Slalom Consulting.
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Jerry Caggiano
EVP - Brand Content Strategy
As an Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett and as Chief Creative Officer of his own advertising agency, Jerry has managed brands that rely on using many media channels to reach their audience: webisodes, social, branded entertainment, ambient media, DRTV and direct mail on top of a steady diet of print, television and outdoor. He has led award-winning campaigns for clients like General Motors, U.S. Army Recruitment, Procter & Gamble, and Allstate Insurance.
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Alan Tsao
VP - of Revenue Forecasting
Alan is a seasoned financial executive who has led small to large finance and accounting teams for billion dollar divisions at such companies as Nielsen, Kraft, Tenneco Automotive, and Pentair. Alan specializes in business analytics, revenue optimization, corporate due diligence, process excellence, and mergers & acquisitions. His passion is in driving the top and bottom lines of the P&L through strong financial and accounting stewardship.
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Mary Cleveland
EVP - Organizational Development
A dynamic business executive with 20+ years of proven expertise managing the day-to-day operations by leading teams across multi-functional areas. Mary is an expert in strategic planning and development, revenue growth, project forecasting and execution, customer experience, vendor management, contract negotiations, compliance-related initiatives, general business, risk management along with legal and regulatory activities. She previously held leadership roles with The American Heart Association, Spherion Corporation, Brown Mackie College, and FedEx Corporation. Ms. Cleveland earned a B.B.A. from Thomas More College and a Juris Doctorate from Salmon P. Chase, College of Law.
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Pamela Miller
General Counsel
Pamela is a highly accomplished and regarded C-suite executive with extensive experience in the healthcare and energy sectors. She has deep expertise in pharmacy benefits management, payor, managed care, and public health sectors. As the President and CEO of Summit Global Strategies, Ltd, she has led significant initiatives counseling major healthcare providers in designing their corporate sustainability strategy. She also has had a pivotal role in consulting with an international public sector client in developing a new health care plan to serve rural populations.
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Jason Young
VP - Experiential Content
Jason is extremely passionate about developing immersive & engaging experiences through his mastery of cinematic storytelling and technology strategy. With 27+ years experience in the field of cinema production, app development and digital marketing, this seasoned creative executive searches for industry pain points to design luxury ecosystems that connect brands to their customers for conversion.
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Vivek Wadhwa
Director - Product Deployment
Vivek has over 15 years of IT experience. His passion for technology parallels his dedication to apply and deploy it for Digital Factory and its clients. With his extensive background in computer and mobile technology, Vivek has served as principle network engineer for three of the largest computer software companies in the U.S.
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Surya Balarajan
IT Manager Android
Suryadevi has a background in app development and has worked for many international brands. She has led mobile development projects in the Healthcare and Food industry and has created coding for various applications. Suryadevi brings a valuable, diverse skill set to Digital Factory.
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Jason McVey
Web Developer
Jason has a background in computer science and marketing, which helps him bridge the gap between technology and business. He has started a marketing agency and has extensive website development experience. Jason also has worked for both a corporate team at TCF Bank and many nonprofits and startups.
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Geena Jacobson
Human Resources Associate
Geena is certified in Human Resource Management. She has worked and volunteered for multiple organizations as an administrator for talent recruitment and employee development. Geena is great at getting people together to work towards a greater goal. Her people person personality fits well into DF’s culture.
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Enrique Rivero
VP - of Finance and Accounting
Enrique hails from an Accounting background and specializes in analysis, financial reports, and auditing. He also has solid ground floor experience in bookkeeping. With Enrique’s extensive Accounting knowledge, he is a great asset to the Digital Factory team.
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Maliik Cleveland
Software Engineer - Python Webservice API
Maliik is an aspiring software engineer who has the gifted ability of speaking multiple programming languages. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in Python, C/C++, R, Java, MySQL, PHP, and Apache UIMA Ruta just to name a few. Maliik is also a fresh graduate from the University of California where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. At his most recent internship, he built pipelines for extracting overlooked health data from medical records using CLAMP. Maliik’s previous projects involved creating process control blocks & designing SQL databases.
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Katherine Wang
Director of Marketing
Katherine has a very robust & impressive background in international business, marketing research, data analysis, and programming. She has a Master's degree in Marketing Analytics at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. Katherine is very experienced with digital marketing and market analysis, with experience of analysing competitors & consumers behaviors for well-known brands such as Lancôme, L’Oreal, and Alibaba in her previous internships. Her background proves her to be meticulous and very detailed oriented.
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Jess R. Semple
Human Resources Associate
Jess is a human resources associate at Digital Factory. With skills in quantitative research, statistical analysis, and problem resolution, Jess is a talented young professional who is very experienced in human resources and psychology. His latest work experience involves developing a qualitative coding scheme used in the analysis of open-ended survey data. Jess is currently a research assistant at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.
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Gokul Rajakumar
Data Science Engineer
Gokul is an experienced analytics consultant who is skilled in Python, R, SQL, Data Engineering, Data Cleansing, and Data Visualization. He is a detail-oriented individual with a statistical mind and a programmer who develops well-documented code. Gokul is a graduate student from UNC Charlotte where he worked on several projects and research in Data Science related disciplines. His previous role involved designing and developing programmatic solutions and simplified data processing at Tiger Analytics. Gokul is Digital Factory’s newest Data Science Engineer.
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John McGrath
Operations Coordinator
John is the newest member of the Digital Factory Operations Team. John has had some fascinating and diverse experiences. He had an internship with Illinois State Police, where he participated in ride-alongs with state troopers to learn daily procedures and protocols and assist with investigations. John has also been a substitute teacher for Mokena School District 159 as a substitute music teacher. With such a unique background, John understands people and is a natural fit for working in Sales.
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Daniel Adjel
Software Engineer-DevOps & Deployment
Daniel has five years of combined experience working with Database Management Systems (Oracle, MySQL), Software Development (PHP, Python), DevOps (Git, Anisible, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios) and Linux Server Administration (CentOS, Ubuntu). He’s also held a variety of positions with the Government of Ghana with a strong focus on improving their technology infrastructure and developing and improving ways for Hewale Hospital Management System to manage user load and data on their mobile app. We are delighted to have his know-how working for the Digital Factory team.
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Kelsey Wang
Financial Analyst
Kelsey received her Master of Science in Quantitative Finance from Northeastern University this past summer. Before that, she graduated Cum Laude from Boston University with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance. Some of her previous experience includes Equity Research Analyst for China Securities. Sector Manager for 360 Hunting Fund - a student-run mutual fund that manages 1MM in Northeastern University endowment—and working at Prepare4VC, where she built financial models with operational results forecasts and exit valuations for tech startups in both seed and venture capital stages. She is a valuable addition to Digital Factory.
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Kinga Orszulak
Human Resources Associate
Kinga is Digital Factory’s newest human resources associate. Her professional background is quite diverse. She has experience in administration, human resources, recruiting, event management, and the culinary industry. Kinga can speak both English & Polish. In 2017, Kinga did her graduate studies in human resource management & international business at the University of Wollongong, Australia.
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Krutika Amberkar
Social Media Analyst
Krutika is a professional with a passion for data-driven analysis with a detail-oriented, on-time approach for good quality results. She graduated from Hult International Business School in San Francisco with a Master of Science in International Business and a Master of Science in Business Analytics. She enjoys seeing how data analysis and research can help companies make profitable decisions. Krutika loves to work in multicultural teams and looks forward to applying her course knowledge and technical expertise in the exciting analytics field for Digital Factory.
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Ajithesh Navaneethakrishnan
Data Science Associate
Ajithesh is obsessed with working on technology and futuristic ideas. He loves working on challenging, competitive and innovative projects related to data science, machine learning, and computer vision. He is proficient in the usage of algorithms and data structures in real-life scenarios. He is a team player, a logical thinker, and a results-driven performer.
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Reno Delaflor
Creative Designer
Reno is a graphic designer, avid photographer, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from Depaul University. He is fluent in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere and is an excellent addition to Digital Factory.
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Felicia Wade
Human Resources Associate
Felicia is a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record of generating and building relationships. She has a proven track record as a multi-faceted, efficient, and reliable administrative professional with more than ten years of experience supporting executives, sales personnel, and managers to improve businesses' internal operations.
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Patrick Mont
HR Associate


At Digital Factory, we believe that all people have untapped gifts of talent that only need a helping hand to unlock. Training and education are keys to growing future leaders of the community, regardless of race, color, or creed. To this end, we are committed to working with local, underserved communities, colleges, and universities to lift up those individuals who have the work ethic, the drive, the heart, and the big dream. We hire local for a reason -- We Believe.

of combined tech expertise in creating and managing multimillion-dollar, mission-critical projects.
of combined marketing and advertising experience ranging from fortune 100 clients to tech startups.
of combined analytic experience managing, developing design and procedures for metric reports and market analysis.
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