The New Wave of Data Analytics

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  • by: Charles Good

Surveys, focus groups, and transactional information have been the industry norm for collecting consumer data and understanding brand’s users. While these methods do offer insights into customer behavior and purchase decisions, they are not the most accurate forms of data collection. 


That was until Geofencing technology was introduced, revolutionizing the game for data analytics and targeted marketing. In its early stage, Geo-fencing technology only had an accuracy of within 200-300ft, sometimes misrepresenting consumers journeys, their favorite locations, and led to irrelevant ad targeting as location barriers were not granular enough.  


Watch Our CEO Talk More About Micro-Fencing Here:


Digital Factory’s capabilities offer the solution to this problem! The difference is our patented Micro-fencing technology, that has an accuracy of within 30ft of consumer locations. This technology allows brands to send extremely relevant, location based content to users that fits seamlessly into their daily lives. Digital Facoty’s DWELL technology allows brands to gain better insights into consumer’s journeys and learn more about their habits and individual preferences. This data is then showcased in our Present portal, which displays consumer patterns, routines, and personas, allowing brands to create meaningful notifications that resonate with their users. 


Overall, our technology offers more accurate data collection that leads to a better understanding of brand's users. The notifications sent will lead to higher conversions rates, as these messages offer personalized and timely content that benefit brand consumers. This way, users will not be bombarded with irrelevant notifications that they are not enticing and can lead users to delete your application altogether.


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