Stay Safe with Digital Factory Technology

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  • by: Charles Good

Micro-Fencing™ is Digital Factory’s next generation of geofencing technology that allows users to receive notifications unique to that time and place. Additionally, administrators can see which users are present and for how long, helping them create consumer personas. With an accuracy of 5-30 ft., micro-fencing enables a much finer degree of message control than possible with previous geofencing technologies.


DWELL™ captures user location data, noting travel and time spent in each location. DWELL™ tracks individual behavior and “helps brands gain a better understanding of their customers’ lives, media habits, and their behaviors.” DWELL™ tracks patient journeys, generating user data that allows providers to gain deep consumer insights and better understand the behaviors of their users. 

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With the upsides of geolocation technology also come the possible downsides of safety and privacy issues. When using a device or app that allows for geolocation, it’s important for consumers to understand how that data is being used and with whom it’s being shared, so they can protect their privacy. Companies that use geolocation data must make sure that this information is protected so that employees cannot access the information inappropriately. Customers also don’t want geolocation data that they have shared for one purpose to be reused for another purpose without their knowledge and permission.



Digital Factory wants to maintain our customer’s trust and will make them aware of exactly how their geolocation data is being used. For example, a user will be informed of how their data will be used when they open it for the first time, then allows them to stop sharing their location or using the app altogether if they aren’t satisfied with the policy. Users will also be informed about whether it will allow them to delete their geolocation history if they change their mind after they have started.