Friday Five: November 27 - December 1

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  • by: Jerry Caggiano

FDA clears first EKG reader for Apple watch (The verge)

AliveCor has released the first FDA approved medical device accessory for the Apple Watch. The band can record an EKG reading in just 30 seconds and can also send the recording to a doctor. The device uses AI to predict and analyze someone's heart rate, “It doesn’t apply a generic range - instead, it determines what’s abnormal for you.” With innovations in mobile technology, more fields can adapt and become more efficient.


Lyft Gained from Uber’s scandals, sees revenue triple (TechCrunch)

With a year filled with wrongdoing and accelerated losses, Uber continues to receive pressure from Lyft. “Lyft brought in $483 million in revenue in the first half of 2017, compared to about $150 million in the same time frame last year.” With the added revenue, Lyft has also improved its margins. Lyft was able to reduce per ride losses from $4 to just $1.20


A failed 'iPhone killer' is Qualcomm's new weapon against Apple (CNET)

Qualcomm has added three new complaints against Apple claiming Apple is infringing on 16 patents. “At the heart of the fight is a disagreement over how much Apple should pay Qualcomm for technology licenses.”  The most recent complaints placed by Qualcomm helps their argument claiming Apple should pay more for their licenses.


Amazon is putting Alexa in the office (TechCrunch)

“Alexa, ask the office who booked the conference room?” Just as Amazon reinvented shopping, Amazon hopes to revolutionize the office setting with Alexa for Business. Alexa for Business has the same capabilities as the Echo, but offers several new features that allow for a more integrated work environment.


Cyber Monday topped Prime Day to becomes Amazon’s biggest shopping day ever (TechCrunch)

Amazon announced that this Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in its history. Increasing more than 50% over last year's cyber Monday, Amazon sold “hundreds of millions” of products. Amazon offered steep discounts on its Alexa powered devices placing millions more in the rooms of customers in hopes to stay ahead of the Google home.

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