Friday Five: July 19 - 25

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  • by: Jerry Caggiano

You won’t believe who developed an A.I. assisted e-tongue device which can identify and taste various liquids. Discover what big retailer is adapting to A.R. tech to prevent theft at checkout lanes. All this and more for this weeks Friday Five. 


AR is expected to reach a value of $83 billion by 2021. Marketers are missing the mark by using AR for shallow, entertainment-based promotions and not truly connecting the online and offline world. (Mobile Marketer)


Intel is stepping up their technology with building a computer system with 8 million digital neurons. The system, called Pohoiki Beach, is packed with 64 of Intel Labs' Loihi chips. Researchers already have used Loihi systems for tasks like simulating the tactile sensing of skin and controlling a prosthetic leg. (CNet)


Walmart has started using A.I. powered cameras to prevent theft at checkout lanes. The retail giant has been surveilling its checkout registers using a computer vision technology called Missed Scan Detection to identify items moving past the scanner without been scanned. (The Verge)


The Federal Communications Commission on Monday said it authorized more than $524 million to expand broadband in 23 states. The funding will add internet service to 205,000 rural homes and businesses over the next 10 years. (CNet)


IBM created an A.I. assisted e-tongue device, equipped with special sensors, that allows the device to taste and identify various liquids. The handheld tongue takes the form of a sensor array, which can be dipped in different liquids to sample their taste. (Digital Trends)


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