Friday Five: July 26 - August 1

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  • by: Jerry Caggiano

5G internet is quick, but did you know 5G can change the way we drive, shop or do everyday tasks? Google is set to add “Motion Sense” to its Pixel 4 smartphone allowing users to interact without touching or speaking to the phone. We cover these stories and much more in this week’s Friday Five!


Google will be introducing a new technology in its upcoming Pixel 4 smartphones. The feature “Motion Sense” allows users to do basic jobs without touching or talking a smartphone such as snooze alarms, silent phone calls, change music, and more just by waving your hands to the Pixel 4. (Gadget’s Now)


Tired of switching between your regular glasses and reading glasses? Researchers have developed a pair of contact lenses that can adjust between two different prescriptions in the blink of an eye. (Tech Radar)


Fast phone speeds are great, but 5G could radically change the way you drive, shop or visit the doctor. The heavily hyped technology runs between 10 and 100 times faster than today's typical 4G cellular connection. (CNet)


Interactive advertising platform Contobox lets consumers add items directly to a digital shopping cart from mobile, desktop or tablets. Brands and retailers that have used the ad-tech include Hallmark, Poland Springs, EmergenC, Walmart and CVS. (Mobile Marketer)


AI is getting more in touch with your emotions, EmoNet, a neural network model, was accurately able to pair images to 11 emotion categories. Instead of relying on subjective responses, scientists can focus on patterns within the visual cortex using AI to better understand a subject's feelings. (CNet)

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