Friday Five: August 23 - 29

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  • by: Jerry Caggiano

For this week’s Friday Five, we take a look at a new company transforming the construction industry by creating smart visualizations (360-degree photos and street views) to measure productivity on job sites. After 5G internet, Wi-Fi 6 is the latest internet upgrade with better connectivity, and more! 


The Olympics and Paralympics are coming to Tokyo next year, and the official fleet provider Toyota is planning a massive deployment of battery-electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Toyota envisions the Olympics as its big chance to showcase its lineup of experimental and alternative fuel-powered machines. (The Verge)


OpenSpace, a company that utilizes helmet-mounted cameras and some fancy stitching software to create "Street View"-like scenes of jobs in progress, has just landed $14 million in Series A funding. OpenSpace uses artificial intelligence to automatically create navigable, 360-degree photo representations of any physical space. Affixed to builders' hardhats, cameras passively capture imagery in the background as workers walk the site. (ZDNet)


While 5G is getting much of the limelight, Wi-Fi 6 will have a bigger impact in our connected lives. Wi-Fi 6 can reach into corners of our house farther away from network gear, better handle the crush of people at airports and stadiums, and sidestep interference from your neighbors' noisy network. (CNet)


Fast-food chains McDonald's, Burger King and Subway are reportedly the first brands to test print ads that rely on mobile devices to deliver programmatic media placements. The ad format can be personalized based on the time of the day and the reader's location. Marketers can customize offers to reach readers when they're near stores or restaurants and make adjustments to their promotions on the fly. (Mobile Marketer)


German company Volocopter has unveiled the VoloCity, an electrical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) that could be the first flying taxi. (Popular Mechanics)


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