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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
                                                                                                                        -Arthur C. Clarke

is the next generation of geo-fencing with an accuracy of a street corner vs. 200+ meters. It provides real-time, one-to-one mobile app notifications delivered at the right place and time on a consumer’s lock screen.

Notifications are real-time, in order mobile notifications delivered to users at the right place and time. Now you can reach your best customers in the most engaging and relevant ways, without worrying about bots, ad fraud or viewability.

Seamless Integration:

Integrate our Micro-fencing technology into your App.

Campaign Creation:

Create the audience, locations, messages and variables that define your campaign.

Notification Delivery:

App users enter fence locations and receive notifications.

Relevant Content:

Consumer opens notification and receives branded utility & content.

Data Reporting:

Data is captured and reported in real-time.

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Solve the problem of following your consumer from online to offline and back with Dwell.
Dwell captures customer location one-to-one and journey data of brand users to develop actionable insights.

Seamless Integration:

Integrate our technology/SDK into your brand’s app.

Real-Time Reporting:

Track users through the day, so you can understand and
reach them smarter, better, and faster.


Understand your app users’ habits – shopping, travel, spending, etc.

Analytics and Insight:

Create targeted users/Personas and customer segmentation

Analytics & Reporting: Real-time insight into your brand’s mobile campaigns.

A graphic, easy-to-use and understand dashboard that delivers key campaign metrics, including fences triggered, click-throughs, impressions, and conversions.
Make smarter, data-driven decisions and create marketing campaigns that engage and monetize by exactly knowing what matters

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Location Data:

Harness all available location sensors of a mobile device to provide a robust set of data points for every interaction a user has with our Micro-fences.

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User Data:

Any user information available to your app is available for analytics.

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External Data:

Our Analytics tools take full advantage of public data, from integrating weather patterns, travel updates, rich location mapping, or retails' partner locations, to help you optimize your communication channels.

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