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What Can You Do With A Micro-Fence: Valentine's Day

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

     Valentine's Day is the day of romance. Many people started planning months ahead to give their loved ones a special day. An average person is expected to spend $142 on romantic gifts like chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. With Valentine’s Day sales hitting $18.9 billion last year, that number is expected to grow this year. Brands can better connect and celebrate with customers on this romantic day with micro-fencing.

     About 50% of marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day. According to Bing, jewelry is the number one searched term around the holiday of love. Rings generate the most traffic and conversion in the first week of February. Brands like Tiffany and Cartier could certainly take advantage of the holiday spirit to create an unforgettable moment for their customers. By incorporating micro-fencing in their apps, brands could reach their target audience and deliver personalized messages to their mobile devices. Coupons can also be distributed to encourage purchase. Research shows that men and older millennials spend more on Valentine’s Day. With Dwell gathering real-time user data, brands can make adjustments to their strategy anytime based on real time campaign performance and data.

     Besides retailers, Valentine's Day is also a perfect day for dating apps like Match and OkCupid to connect with users. Besides branded messages to build relationships with users, special Valentine’s Day matchmaking events could be created with customized micro-fences. Like a scavenger hunt, fences could be built around the city, to encourage users to explore the city and meet someone on the most romantic day of the year.

    There are many other ways brands can use micro-fencing to help customers plan a perfect Valentine’s Day. For last minute people, they would definitely appreciate restaurant reservation reminders and movie ticket coupons being delivered to their phones. For singles, they would also be happy to get special deals on this day. No matter who you are, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. This year, brands could make Valentine’s Day more beautiful with micro-fencing and dwell.