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What Can You Do With A Micro-fence: Chicago Restaurant Week 2017

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Chicago Restaurant Week 2017 returns on January 27 and continues through February 9 with two weeks of dining deals. Foodies have been waiting for the 10th annual culinary celebration which features over 350 restaurants in Chicago. This year, Chicago Restaurant Week could become more tasteful than ever by using micro-fencing and dwell to engage and transform the traditional dining experience.

1. Micro-fencing informs and engages to drive more foot traffic

We eat with our eyes first. When your competitors are simply sending push notifications about reservations, you could go a step further by integrating micro-fencing into your app allowing you to deliver restaurant and location-specific information to your most loyal and engaged patrons.

2. Making a reservation becomes easier with micro-fencing

Restaurant Week is going to be one of the busiest weeks for participating businesses in 2017. With such high demand, if brands could make it easier for customers to make a reservation, the entire dining experience could be more enjoyable. Brands like OpenTable and Yelp could work with restaurants to build fences around their locations. When customers walk by participating businesses, a reservation page could pop up on their mobile devices. Without having to call the restaurant and check for open tables, micro-fencing, an unforgettable dining experience, would be in front of customers and only one click away.

3. Dwell collects real-time data to achieve better results

During Restaurant Week, in order to achieve better results, brands need to make adjustments to their marketing approach and specific campaigns. With micro-fencing and dwell, real-time feedback becomes accessible and valuable. Restaurants can get to know their patrons behaviors and continue to serve the promotions, deals, and information they want when they need it most. Restaurants also have the ability to test different promotions and deals and update them in real-time based on data collected.

The highly anticipated Chicago Restaurant Week 2017 is almost here, and fans are ready for 14 belt-busting days. There’s still time for brands to integrate micro-fencing and dwell into their apps to create the best ever dining experience for customers this year.