Geo-fencing and Apartment/House Hunting

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

The task of finding the right apartment can be a stressful and time consuming one.

For renters, it's a long and arduous process that encompasses a wide range of important factors, such as finances, mortgage, commute and safety. And, as if that's not pressure enough, the process, has been one burdened with brokers, outdated listings and time-filled walkthroughs—all of which are to be scheduled within day-to-day routines.

Luckily, smartphones are here to help alleviate some of the frustration of the process. Realty companies have developed apps, which have simplified the process by cutting out the middleman—and literally placing the power to search, view and sign a lease in the hands of the users.
Apartment finding apps at their most basic provide an obvious convenience to users by bringing the market to them, but they've barely begun to scratch the surface of their potential. By delivering relevant, location-based content and real-time experiences, geo-fencing can optimize the potential of these apps, making the apartment searching experience easier than it has ever been. 

Three ways geo-fencing adds value to apartment/house hunting

Using precise location technology, geo-fencing allows realty apps to target users on an individual basis. This not only presents an opportunity for realty companies and realtors to further engage and build their brand, but also leverages relevant for sale suggestions in real-time.

1. Diverse search options based on location

- Use of a GPS locator sends notifications based on location
- Available rentals based on addresses/neighborhoods of interest

* For example, Zillow let's you search in the above ways, ultimately doing the groundwork for you by sifting through endless listings and showing only the results that best suit an individual user.

2. Delivery of relevant and timely apartment, condominium and house information

Geo-fencing gives apps like MoveMent even greater location possibilities. Once all user-specified apartments are fenced, not only can apps give users accurate and up-to-date listings in real-time, but they can also send alerts to users whenever they are close to any prospective listing. This allows companies to engineer campaigns which offer users the ability to go into or see an apartment that may be close to them, which could be anywhere at anytime. 

3. Responsibility of finding an apartment gets placed in the palm of a user's hand

While checking on apartments still falls into the hands of a user, geo-fences integrated into apps transitions the responsibility. Users on their way to work can now trust real estate apps like Zillow or RedFin to notify them about apartments or homes that are available to buy or rent within the area.

Geo-fenced equipped apps have made searching for an apartment easier and have effectively taken the responsibility out of the hands of the user - letting real-time updates and location become the extra hand users need…and want.

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