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What Can You do with a Micro-Fence: New Year's Resolutions

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Happy new year, everyone!

New year stands in front of us like a blank canvas and it’s up to us how we want to paint our 2017. About 44% of Americans said they made at least one new year's resolution, according to a national Marist Poll conducted in early December. One common new year’s resolution is to exercise more often. But most people struggle to keep up with their goals and give up too early. Now is the time when a lot of people are looking for new gym memberships and fitness classes. Brands like LA Fitness and Planet Fitness can help customers achieve their new year’s resolutions with micro-fencing, and engage on a more personal level.

To motivate:

There’s no doubt that micro-fencing can bring in more new accounts for gyms by prompting brand messages to customer’s mobile devices. But brands are able to drive more visits to the gym with micro-fencing too - by motivating members. Whenever members walk by a gym, personalized messages can be sent out to their devices. Sometimes a reminder and an inspiring quote might be all it takes for customers to remember their incentives and keep up with their goals.

To reward:

To help your customers stay on track with their new year’s resolutions, acknowledging their effort and rewarding them could be the solution. With dwell, brands can get real-time data of customers’ activities, both physically and digitally. Brands can reward customers based on the data generated. For example, Apple Watch gives users achievement medals every time they hit a goal, so brands could give out rewards when customers walk out of the gym. With dwell, stronger brand connection can be built this year.

New year, new chapter. While many people are making new changes to their lifestyles, it’s also a good time for brands to adapt new technologies into their marketing approach. With micro-fencing and dwell, brands can help gym-goers achieve their goals more easily and make deeper connections with customers.