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Friday Five: December 5 - December 9, 2016

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

How 500 Local Car Dealerships Used Facebook To Drive Visits Up 17 Percent

Real-time data is driving traffic towards local car dealerships. Through personalized, mobile advertisements, car dealerships can better engage consumers and generate sales.


Google Links Twitter Emojis To Local Search Results

Google is starting up their “emoji engine”! Now consumers can find local businesses by simply tweeting out a related emoji.  


Ways of Turning Big Data into Marketing Gold

Big data is an even bigger part of marketing. To capitalize on this information, marketers are looking for actionable insights to increase conversions. Location-based technologies like Microfencing breaks down big data to target each individual consumer.


Amazon takes on tech’s white whale: grocery shopping

Check out Amazon’s innovative mobile tech allows consumers to skip the checkout line. The $795 billion grocery industry is now about to change its’ dynamics.


Stop Trying to Kill Smartphones. You Can’t Kill Smartphones

People check their smartphones on average 150 times per day. Make the most of this opportunity by receiving real-time data, and actionable insights through mobile technology