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What can you do with a Micro-Fence: Movie Theaters

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Movies are the perfect outing for all ages. In order to enhance and personalize the viewing experience, moviegoers are downloading apps such as Fandango, IMDb, AMC and Regal Cinemas to check showtimes, purchase tickets, and watch trailers for anticipated blockbusters.

Movie studios already spend a significant amount of their budget on traditional and digital media. The most viewed content on television is generally live sports, with 30-second spots costing $500,000. A banner ad on YouTube’s homepage remains $725,000 per day. Movie studios spend millions when marketing a film, separate from the initial budget for production.

With Micro-fencing™, theater companies and movie studios can generate greater consumer traffic and buzz. By utilizing our micro-fencing capabilities, movie executives would be able to target the right audience for any film.

As mobile app users walk past the theater, our fences present consumers with a personalized message straight to their mobile screens. Messages from exclusive screenings, tickets, or snack promotions can be specifically tailored to each customer's interests and preferences.

Through our accompanying data intelligence program, DWELL, clients can learn about consumers' in-app interactions and receive real-time reports. Movie studios can get to know their desired targets audience based on where they go and how much time they spend in each location.

Beacons may also be set up where the movie was filmed. For example, perhaps a movie that just came out was filmed in Chicago. As a consumer walks down State Street, a message pops up on their phone with content informing them that the movie was filmed right where they're standing. The message then can lead users to the nearest theater, accurate show times, and even exclusive trailers and behind the scenes promos to build a film’s anticipation.

The biggest blockbusters and award contenders usually are released in the last two months of the year. Using location-based services, like Micro-fencing™, studios can find fresh and innovative ways to get casual audiences excited and invested in their films. Introducing new experiences will keep moviegoers engaged with studios and their next biggest releases.