What can you do with a Micro-Fence™: Black Friday

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

The busiest shopping day of the year is around the corner. Black Friday, the first day of the Christmas season, has always been a magical day for retail. In 2015, $2.74 billion worth of merchandise was sold on Black Friday. The 2016 holiday shopping season is predicted to bring in over $91.6 billion dollars in revenue according to Adobe Insights.

Even though Cyber Monday has taken over a bigger portion of the holiday sales recently, brands haven’t forgotten the good ol’ tradition of Black Friday. Shoppers can still find exclusive deals in brick-and-mortar stores, and they certainly won’t hesitate to wait in line for hours to get the best discounts of the year. While the shopping experience is evolving both physically and digitally, brands have to be more relatable at the moment if they want to remain competitive. With Micro-Fencing, shoppers can have a more enjoyable shopping experience on this Black Friday.

Stay competitive with a Micro-Fence

Every year, retailers such as Target and Best Buy have great deals on electronics, which tend to be shopping’s biggest attraction. With similar product selections, they usually have the same pricing strategy and discount rates. How do shoppers decide where to buy the same pair of Beats headphones? When shoppers need to make such decisions, whichever store stands out and provides more information usually captures more attention. Building a Micro-Fencecan become the key to winning this game. Great discount messages could be delivered to shoppers’ mobile devices. Even if shoppers are on their way to Best Buy, Target could grab their attention and inform them about the deals in store with a Micro-Fence.  

Waiting in line? Brand engagement time!

With a limited quantity of in-store deals, don’t be surprised if customers line up hours before stores open. Waiting time could be boring and frustrating, but it could also be a good time for brands like Starbucks and Columbia to connect with customers. When waiting in the cold and unsheltered outdoors, customers could certainly use a warm drink and winter gear. If coupons for a Gingerbread Latte or gloves get delivered with a Micro-Fence, a better relationship could be built between brands and customers, because they are there when needed. Micro-Fencing™ can also help the new Columbia Tested Tough campaign get delivered on a more personal level.

Enhance in-store experience with Micro-Fences™

Black Friday shopping is often considered hectic. Discounted merchandise is usually hidden in different corners, so it could drive sales of other products by making customers walk around the store. However, when stores use this strategy, it could sacrifice the shopping experience. Helping customers to find what they want can help brands establish better relationships with customers during times like Black Friday shopping. With our Micro-Fencing technology, informing customers where the nearest deals are can become much easier.

When people are in the shopping mood on Black Friday, it is the perfect time for brands to connect and speak to their customers with the help of Micro-Fencing.

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