What can you do with a Micro-fence™: Holiday Travel

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Whether it’s driving a couple hours to a different town or flying internationally, people love traveling and seeking new excitements and experiences whenever they have the chance. Americans took a total of 2.2 billion trips for personal and business purposes in 2015. Holidays are around the corner. With Micro-Fencing™, businesses can find their target audience, cut through the noise in the market, and deliver their messages at the right time during this holiday season.  

Find your target audience.

On average, there more than 8 million people fly every day. Other than an airport gate, where is a better place to find a group of people who are flying to Chicago in a couple of hours? And there is no doubt that airport gates have the most potential customers when they land in a new city. Using Micro-Fence, brands like Hilton and Four Seasons can connect with these travelers to show campaigns about their hotels in Chicago. Using micro-fenced, personalized messages, brands can get ahead of the booking game right at the gate.

Connect with your target audience at the right time.

It’s safe to say most people hate flying. Long waiting time and limited entertainment, flying is often times not considered the best use of time. But this could be a perfect time for brands to connect with their target audience. Due to a limitation of what travelers can do at the airport, the stores located past the security checkpoint become the gems. With the help of Micro-Fencing, brands like Michael Kors and L’Occitane could drive more foot traffic to their stores by delivering their store information and digital coupons right to the  travelers’ mobile devices.

Connect with your target audience at the right place.

Besides transportations, hospitality is also an important factor in the tourism industry. Knowing where your target audience stays and where they visit could be helpful to your business. For example, amusement parks like Six Flags and Universal Studios could build Micro-Fences around hotels to target tourists in town. These brands can also enhance their park visiting experience. Special tickets like Fast-Pass and VIP Pass can be distributed when visitors walk by the rides in the park to create a seamless experience.

The holiday season is here, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations, the number of travelers will only grow bigger. Micro-Fencing™ from Digital Factory can give brands a unique and engaging channel to stay connected with the right audience at the right place and time.

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