The Friday Five: October 9-15, 2016

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Facebook Opens Up its Workplace

Facebook Messenger. Instagram. WhatsApp. Marketplace. And now, Facebook has launched the ‘Workplace’. Seems like Facebook is monopolizing on all forms of virtual communication. Workplace is designed to provide a private, mobile social network for colleagues to converse. While this platform maintains the same features users know and love such as the news feed, group chats and live-video streaming, Facebook has improved their program by implementing a ‘Follow’ button and a ‘Trending’ page. With the increase of collaborative and productive apps, like Slack and GroupMe, it obvious Facebook wants a piece of the teambuilding action.

Cancelling Galaxy Note 7 Focuses Enormous Pressure On Galaxy S8

Samsung is feeling the heat! If you haven’t heard, their flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 7, spontaneously ignites. Samsung is expected to lose over $3 billion in sales due to this unexpected malfunction. On Tuesday (10/11), Samsung officially cancelled production on the Note 7. The Korean tech giant needs to find creative ways to make people want to buy the Galaxy S8. Will they be able to make another successful The Next Big Thing or will it end in flames?

Halloween Spending To Reach All-Time High — With Local Search Leading The Way

As consumers begin planning their Halloween costumes and festivities, the use of mobile location searches is growing rapidly. Consumer spending during the Halloween season is on track to reach $8.4 billion this year. Additionally, 76 percent of mobile searches have resulted in an in-store purchase within the same day. With such high profit potential, retailers are focusing their efforts on location-based marketing, ensuring their information can be easily accessible to the consumer to boost sales.

Tech Will Topple Records this Holiday Season

The Consumer Technology Association is projecting a six percent growth in technology purchases in the U.S. for this upcoming season. Due to the fact that the consumer tech industry is booming, consumer spending on technology is expected to reach over $36 billion dollars during the 2016 holiday season. With a variety of innovative tech products flooding the market, consumers are turning to online resources to guide their purchasing decisions. In turn, sales through mobile devices are expected to grow by 45.2 percent, reaching $20.1 billion.

Power Up Your iPhone 7’s Camera With Olloclip’s New Lenses

Taking pictures is one of the best ways for people to relive and share old memories. The Olloclip features three distinct interchangeable lens sets, which attaches to a user’s phone. These lenses accommodate the various lifestyles of today’s consumers. Are you ready for your close up? 

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