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What can you do with a Micro-Fence: Chicago Marathon

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

For the past few decades, thousands upon millions of people ranging from athletes, Chicagoans, tourists, and sports enthusiasts have flocked to the heart of Chicago’s downtown each year to see people from all walks of life race towards the finish line. As the 39th Annual Chicago Marathon kicks off this Sunday October 9th, thousands of organizers and volunteers are preparing the dozens of neighborhoods in which the 26.2 mile race stretches across.

In recent years, the Chicago Marathon has brought over $250 million dollars annually to the city's economy. With such high foot traffic and profit potential, brands with nearby stores and corporate sponsors are looking to capitalize on this opportunity. Brands can participate in the experience by engaging marathon spectators with real-time, location-based micro-fenced content. Spectators are downloading the marathon’s official app, “ChiMarathon2016”, to keep track of where a runner is along the race. Brands now have the opportunity to deliver the personalized messages to the mobile users through the app pre and post race. The fences may be set up anywhere from the starting/finish line, food venders, water stations, and restrooms and offer news, updates, and timed offers and discounts.

Brands with stores located near the route benefit from setting up a fence, bringing in nearby spectators with special promotions delivered to their mobile device. Notifications for exclusive photo-ops? Buy one energy drink get one free? Race standings? For those new to the city, a micro-fence™ provides helpful knowledge when navigating downtown, looking for their favorite place to eat or store to visit. The universality of micro-fence technology also allows businesses to do the same for other races from half marathons to your local 5K. Each message personalizes the spectators' experience while increasing a brand’s exposure and driving sales in the long run.