Conference and Event Apps: The Geo-Fencing Experience

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Event organizers influenced the way we attend conferences and events in a real way by developing apps to manage and distribute content. Figuring out which presentations to attend, exhibits to visit and where to network became simpler with the inception of mobile apps—and now geo-fencing can simplify the experience even more.

Whether you are organizing an event on a campus, making an app for a business conference or seeking to enhance engagement for an upcoming political rally, when apps are powered with a micro-fencing SDK, they have the ability to make the experience even better. Here's how.

Delivers Relevant In-The-Moment Location Content

Attending events, especially ones of large scale, can be overwhelming. Between checking in, figuring out the schedule and navigating through crowds, it is easy to feel small—lost, even. With geo-fencing, event and conference apps not only have a chance to inform users on the event they're attending, but also on content that relates to them.

Geo-fencing gives events the ability to set up virtual fences around any area. Meaning attendees, by simply opting into the app, can receive notifications on information specific to what they are interested in, wherever they are.

Apps like EventMobi and Guidebook have installed geo-fenced SDKs that tell users where speakers are presenting or what the discussions are about if they are walking by the venues or rooms where they will be held.

The ability to deliver the most relevant content at the most opportune time and location is crucial for a successful experience, and with geo-fencing, that can be done.

Keeps App Users Engaged

The best audiences are the ones that are fully engaged. That's usually the case for attendees at concerts and sporting events, so why not treat conference and event apps the same way? Having an app that incorporates attendee involvement in an effective way not only makes it enjoyable for the attendees but also shows how useful your app is.

Digital Factory, in a partnership with UniWorld and the Ford Motor Company, showed how geo-fencing technology engages event participants. Digital Factory's geo-fence design accelerated test drives by 60% and delivered over 18,000 notifications with a CTR that averaged 14.7% and conversions from first click that averaged 27%.

Conference apps integrated with geo-fencing alert attendees (once they've walked through a geo-fence) if there is a schedule or venue change, when keynote speakers are presenting or any special offers occurring through event brand sponsors. Imagine the ease and time saved, the communities created and the sense of being a part of a brand.

Builds Event & Conference Brand Loyalty

Geo-fencing helps conference app makers build strong relationships between their app and the conference attendees. Once the attendee sees the utility an app can provide and how relevant the content is to them specifically, they will most likely keep using your app for other events they attend.

Apps equipped with geo-fencing technology provide deeper insight into users through mobile user data like foot traffic and conversions. By leveraging the user and mobile data, conference and event apps have the opportunity to ensure that attendees have an even more fun and engaging experience.

So, take a step back and ask yourself if your conference or event app is utilizing the arsenal that geo-fencing provides. If you're not, geo-fencing has the power to transform your app into a place attendees and participants visit—again and again.

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