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What can you do with a Micro-fence: Conquesting Shoppers

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Fighting for traffic with your retail competitor is a marketing reality that demands focus, rigor and lots of sweat and blood. Now you can implement mobile technology to simplify and facilitate competitive conquests, retail traffic and in-store conversions.

Whether it's retail stores, QSR, auto dealerships or convenience stores, everyone has competitors close by. Imagine setting mobile micro-fences™ outside your competitor’s locations and offering better value to consumers.

Study after study show that consumers are receptive to brands that provide this kind of real-time, contextual value – and they prefer those that go the extra mile to understand them and provide relevance.

Conquesting your competitors with micro-fences™ to provide individualized, relevant offers and content achieves success your brand – driving engagement, sales and loyalty.