Digital Factory Builds Global Team

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Digital Factory is excited to announce the hire of Roy Edmondson who will lead expansion efforts in Europe as Executive Vice President of Digital Europe.

Roy Edmondson


Edmondson is a global marketing and communications expert who has worked in Europe, Asia and the United States in a variety of roles both “in-house” and “in-agency” to service clients in a variety of industries. He has led award-winning campaigns and product launches for brands like Marlboro Lights, Levi’s 501 campaign, Kodak EasyShare-One Camera Global, and Doritos Crash the Super Bowl.

In his new role, Edmondson will oversee all branding, operations, sales, and business efforts throughout Europe, including expansion, partnerships, and mobile campaigns.

“Digital Factory has created a great solution that brings instant marketing to life engaging people and brands in an exciting way for all. I have been a part of Lawrence’s journey to develop this unique micro-fencing software and Digital Factory’s progression into a fully salable program,” said Edmondson who carries more than twenty-five years of global marketing experience, which includes positions as global marketing director at Levis Strauss & Co and a partner at Ketchum in the US and UK. “I am excited to join the team to ignite his dream throughout Europe and help build more connections in America.”

Edmondson will be spearheading our European efforts as we continue to focus on expansion due to an increased demand for mobile micro-fencing programs from brands and retailers looking to engage with consumers.

“Roy brings tremendous experience in leadership, strategy and most importantly global implementation,” says Lawrence Griffith, CEO of Digital Factory. With Roy’s impressive three decades of solving strategy problems for the largest brands in the world like, Levi’s, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo and others, he is the right man for the job. We are excited about our global growth and look forward to Roy leading the charge in the UK and Europe.”


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