April 24 - 30

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

The industry is adapting during the health crisis. Here are a few brand ideas on how to continue to innovate during uncertain times, on this week's blog. 


Delta is donating 200,000 pounds of food hospitals, community food banks and to healthcare workers at the front lines of the pandemic crisis. After adjusting to the fewer travelers because of the health crisis, Delta was left with food that will not be served before the expiration date, so both perishable and non-perishables will be donated to the local and greater communities. Donations have been made to Feeding America, Georgia Food and Resource Center, Carthage Crisis Center and other organizations. (Delta)


Virtual nuptials have been sworn in to New York state law by Gov. Cuomo by executive order to allow marriage licenses to be issued and for clerks to be able to officiate via video conference. Couples who received the license before the quarantine period are eligible for a virtual marriage and the option will remain available until it is safe for large groups to gather and celebrate again. (Vogue)


Quibi finally hit mobile app stores earlier this month, but with a market shift because of the health crisis, on-the-go short form content isn’t being consumed as often since people have been social isolating at home. On launch day, app downloads were at an estimated 300,000 and reached 1.7 million within a week. It seems that people are willing to experience the 90-day free trial and make a decision from there. (Mobile Marketer)


Red Lobster is bringing its restaurant ambiance to your home and Zoom conference calls with custom Spotify playlists and Zoom backgrounds that are free to download. This campaign is to promote the restaurant's carry out ordering during this time. Like many places, they are offering Date Night Deals, offering an a


Airbnb has also taken a hit because of restrictions on travel, but CEO Brian Chesky, believes there will be a travel boom as soon as this all clears up. Chesky began his business of offering home and property owners to advertise space for rent and Airbnb filling them during the last economic tumble when people needed the extra money to pay mortgages. Since the health crisis, hosts have had to provide refunds to cancelled reservations, which Chesky will reimburse to hosts and will begin to raise capital  inorder to prepare to get back in business. (The Verge) 

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