April 3 - 9

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

Here's what's going on this week in tech news!


It’s an interesting time for advertising and marketing, especially approaching how to continue to do the job without being insensitive. According to a recent survey by Kantar, 8% of 35,000 consumers surveyed, thought that brands should stop advertising. Although a majority of consumers are okay with brands continuing to advertise, they expect companies to refrain from being tone death and focus on communicating brand values. As for brand voice, it seems that consumers are split on whether brands should continue on with their brand voice, switch to a more reassuring and positive tone or refrain from humor at this time. (Marketing Week)


Facebook’s messenger app has been available on smartphones for years, now the messaging platform is available for download in the Microsoft and Apple Mac Stores. The app will mirror the performance of the mobile app, allowing you to chat, dial and video call with your individual Facebook friends and group chats. The desktop version will also offer darkmode but will have a redesign and other features, to compete with the conference call platform Zoom. (The Verge)


Youtube is also changing it up a bit and releasing the short video feature, “Shorts” by the end of this year. The long form video platform has developed over it’s decade on the internet, but is looking to compete with massively popular short video platform TikTok. TikTok allows viewers to see more content over a shorter period of time and allows creators to make more content for their profiles. Brands have also been moving over to TikTok to advertise and many have had successful hashtag campaigns on the app. Shorts will be a mobile only feature with video editing tools and a timeline format similar to TikTok. (Mobile Marketer)


Mobile TV app, Quibi, has taken on T-Mobile has one of their partners for their first year and the wireless network is now offering the streaming service for free to certain wireless plans. Customers with two or more phone lines, at standard rates, one the Magenta or ONE plans. T-Mobile is also offering free Quibi to discounted rate plans for first responders, military service members, Magenta Plus subscribers over 55 and small businesses with as many as 12 lines. After a year, customers will choose to continue with either the free Quibi subscription or Netflix. (Mobile Marketer)


Online retailer, eBay, has announced a new program to help small businesses and physical retailers that may be struggling to continue operating during the health crisis. eBay launched Up & Running, to help brick-and-mortar stores make the move to online retailing. Pledging $100 million to the initiative, waiving the first three months of basic account ($21.95) and anchor account ($299) fees, and will provide a platform for businesses to communicate and help each other make the switch to online operations. (Tech Radar)

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