February 21 - 28

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

TikTok creates explicit parental controls, IHeartMedia launched a custom advertising network to reach audiences through podcasts, major updates in the Microsoft mobile app, and more on this week's blog!


The largest owner of U.S. radio stations, IHeartMedia, just launched a custom advertising network targeted towards markets that are aiming to reach the audiences of the podcast industry. IHeartPodcast AdSuite offers marketers various ad formats, customization tools and better targeting tools that doesn’t further interrupt the listener’s experience. The ads can be locally and nationally targeted and can be changed in real time to reach listeners. The platform's special feature, TakeOver ads, provides the first ad placement in every iHeartPodcast on any given day. (Mobile Marketer)


Media spending to increase app downloads is projected to go up by 32%, to $72.6 billion worldwide this year, according to AppsFlyer’s projections. AppsFlyer's forecasts indicate that app developers will continue to put billions of dollars into their advertising efforts as the market gets bigger. The Google Play store has an estimated 2.57 million apps and Apple's App Store has about 1.84 million apps. Both rank their top downloaded apps, but that doesn’t help new apps get popular, so many developers rely heavily on their growing marketing budgets. (Mobile Marketer)


The Microsoft mobile app is getting a major upgrade. This week they launched an app, available on iOS and Android, that houses the top three Microsoft Office products -- Word, Excel and PowerPoint -- all under one roof. For the global launch of the Office app, features like creating editable images in Word docs or Excel tables, and the ability to sign PDFs were also introduced. Improved voice dictation and tablet support for Android are also in the works. (C Net)


“Family Safety Mode” is designed to let parents adjust their child or teen’s use of the media app, some features include screen-time management controls, limits on direct messages and a restricted mode, limiting the appearance of inappropriate content. To enable the safety feature, the parent needs to create their own account and then link it to their teen’s account. The features are already available on the app to users to set themselves, the new feature allows the parent to get directly involved in monitoring the content their child is consuming on the app. (Tech Crunch)


Financial services giant, Visa, has taken on Coinbase cryptocurrency, as a Visa Principal Member, allowing the company to offer physical debit cards and not solely rely on companies like PaySafe and take up space in the card payment market. Coinbase uses an app that allows you to choose from up to 10 cryptocurrencies to then use the card at any Visa compatible payment station or ATM. (Tech Crunch)

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