January 17 - 23

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

Snapchat lost its place in the top three social media apps, Facebook is clearing up confusion with third-party apps, and Netflix is investing a lot more into their content in 2020. These stories and more on this week's Friday Five!


Snapchat lost its place in the top three social media apps to the top project inspo app, Pinterest. Trailing Facebook and Instagram, respectively. Over the past year, Pinterest has grown 9.1% in users, surpassing Snapchat’s growth of 5.6%. Pinterest, the first social media app designed for a female audience, has a wider reach because it piques the interest of teens and adults. The app is projected to grow by about 3% each year for the next couple of years. (Mobile Marketer)


Google is updating its two-factor authentication for it’s Google Smart Lock app on IOS, meaning when logging into a Google account, rather than putting in a 6 digit code, you’ll get a push notification sent to your iPhone, when connected to Bluetooth. Android already has a physical key feature available. The key difference is that Smart Lock works over Bluetooth rather than over an internet connection, which relies on you having your iPhone close to you for the notification to send. (The Verge)


Facebook is clearing up any confusion with what information you’re consenting to sharing when logging into third-party apps using your Facebook login. Login Notifications will alert a user through notifications when they grant access to information. “The design and content of the Login Notifications remind users that they have full control over the information they share with third-party apps, with a clear path to edit those settings,” said a Facebook spokesperson in a blog post. (Gadgets Now)


The now named “streaming war” between Netflix and Disney+ is officially on. Vox Recode reported that 25% of Netflix phone app users also have a Disney plus subscription. Netflix will invest $17.3 billion into its content in 2020. Although both streaming platforms deny the feud, the fate of cord-cutting normalizes viewers having multiple subscriptions. Still, when it eventually comes down to viewers downsizing their subscriptions, platforms need to invest in making quality entertainment to retain viewers.


iPhone’s next phone, nicknamed iPhone 12 for now, will include an A14 processor, with a 5 nm process. This makes the iPhone 12 as powerful as a 15-inch Macbook Pro. the next iPhone will also return to the slate design, similar to the latest iPad Pro and the late iPhone 4. (9to5 Mac)

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