December 13-19

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

Instagram Stories ads are gaining traction in mobile marketing, Google updated Chrome with Password Checkup security and Tiktok is celebrating it’s top content with it's end of the year wrap up campaign. These stories and more, in this week’s Friday (the 13th) Five!


Instagram Stories has rose in popularity in the past year. Advertising on Instagram Stories has taken up 10% of total ad spending on Facebook apps. There has been an 18% rise in brands moving ads from Facebook feeds to Instagram Stories and feeds. Brands are taking a mobile first strategy with ads on Stories, feeds and paid promotion with influencers using #ad. (Mobile Marketer)


Chrome 79 released on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and IOS users. The update is focused on further improving security features like the Password Checkup tool, blocking malicious sites in real time with Safe Browsing API, Predictive Phishing protections and tab freezing support. Particularly, the Password Checkup, which is now directly integrated into Chrome, tool takes all of your Chrome synced passwords and checks to see if any have leaked through breaches at other online services. (ZD Net)


In Super Bowl ad news, Pringles and Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” have banned together to create an animated feature for their spot for the 2020 game. Pringles will also come out with a limited time pickle potato crisp flavor and the packaging will be “Rick and Morty” themed. The partnership will continue on after the Super Bowl. The show inspired a resurgence of McDonald's Szechuan sauce, originally released in 1998,  in 2018, proving it’s cultural relevance among the millennial and younger generations. (Ad Age)


The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) has added an all new casual dining restaurant, Flip’d, to it’s roster. The new concept is aimed at filling the gaps of IHOP, and providing an experience focused on freshly-made breakfast foods and beverages with speed and convenience in mind. The idea combines the popular brunch trend of a “grown up” casual breakfast and beverage spot at more of a fast food restaurant pace. (Business Wire)


Tiktok took to wrapping up the year with its own campaign, #YouMade2019, where the app features the creators and videos that represent the top videos across 10 categories. The categories include: videos, memes, artists, celebrities, breakout creators, dance trends, creative effects, pet videos, beauty and style videos and sports highlights. The most viewed video on the app was created by David Dobrik, a creator on Google’s YouTube, where people in a lab are mixing large batch “elephant toothpaste” and a massive chemical reaction occurs, the video has 179.8 million views. The campaign is focused on featuring creators that helped blow up Tiktok to worldwide sensation. The app was heavily promoted across multiple social media platforms and has driven 1.5 billion downloads from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. (Mobile Marketer)

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