December 6 - 12

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

The most controversial ad this holiday season, Instagram's age requirement update and more big name brands buying Super Bowl ads, in this week's Friday Five!


Veteran music streaming service, Pandora, has focused the brand’s app update on connecting brands with their audience. Pandora has provided an option for users to access their Premium tier, which includes full albums, premium playlists, and new music, for no cost, in exchange for watching 15 seconds of non-skippable ads. Pandora’s ad revenue grew by 8% in Q3 of last year, and subscription-only rose by 5%. (Mobile Marketer)


Antiperspirant brand, Secret, is showcasing women-owned businesses this December via a directory on their Instagram. The campaign, Women-Owned Wednesday, will expose consumers toward female-led enterprises by creating shoppable video ads unique to each business. Forty percent of all businesses are female-led, but make up only 5% of holiday season revenue. (Mobile Marketer)


Instagram has recently changed its policy to require new users to enter their age when creating an account. To create an account, the user must be at least 13-years-old, and there will be different privacy recommendations and privacy safety suggestions provided. For the app’s nine- year life, it never required a birthdate to create an account unless it was to merge your account with an existing Facebook account. The app is also allowing users to block messages sent from accounts users do not follow and for business/creator accounts to block minors from viewing their pages. (The Verge)


Earlier this week, fitness bike brand, Peloton debuted its holiday season ad, titled, “The Gift That Gives Back.” The ad depicts a woman’s year-long venture with the Peloton that was gifted to her by her husband. The long-form video ad, coupled with its title, made the ad had viewers call for it to be pulled because it ad was sexist and the backlash pummeled stock by 10%. (Ad Age) 


In Super Bowl ad spot news, Coca-Cola Co. has officially purchased 60-seconds of space for the 2020 game. Last year, the brand, the long-time advertiser of the event, only bought space during pre-game. Coca-Cola Co. has not yet released which brand will be featured in the ad, but there are rumors it will debut Coca-Cola Energy. Coca-Cola Co. will be competing with PepsiCo, the halftime show sponsor. (Ad Age)

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