November 29 - December 5

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

Disney's Frozen, Google Photos Updates and luxury cars of the future! These stories and more on this week's blog!


On opening day, Disney’s Frozen II reached 95% in consumer engagement, according to Bloomreach. In October, Disney announced Frozen Fan Fest, where fans had an inclusive on Frozen merch. On Twitter, "Frozen 2" jumped to more than 1.4 million during opening weekend from 284,000 earlier in the week. (Mobile Marketer)


Order online pick-up straight from your BMW. The car brand is partnered with Olo, maker of online ordering software for restaurants, are developing the ability for the driver to order online for pick-up with a pre-loaded card and then provide navigation to get to the restaurant through the iDrive dashboard. Olo works with 70,000 restaurant brands, but Nekter and Portillo’s are the first to participate in the test. (Mobile Marketer)


In an effort to free up usernames, Twitter plans to deactivate inactive accounts. After receiving backlash from users with burner accounts, Twitter released a statement saying the initiative will only affect EU users for now. Also responding to backlash from users who want to memorialize accounts from people who have passed away, Twitter said, “We will not be removing any inactive accounts until we create a new way for people to memorize accounts.” Twitter is working to come up with a way to memorialize accounts like Facebook does and then will process with deleting inactive accounts. (The Verge)


Google Photos is finally allowing you to manually tag faces with names in photos. This helps close up the gaps of Google’s AI software that automatically sorts but wither misses faces, makes multiple profiles for a single face, or makes mistakes. Google’s AI only allows face sorting if the feature is enabled and only scans faces after the picture is taken and not during. (The Verge)


Porsche will run it’s first Superbowl ad since 1997 to bring the Taycon, the brand’s first fully electric car, to the largest TV audience in America. Porsche's parent company, the Volkswagen Group, has dedicated screen time to Audi over the past couple of years. “The Super Bowl’s scale and energy make it a perfect venue for reaching new audiences—in a fun way that connects with the Super Bowl’s themes of performance and competition,” the brand said in a statement to Ad Age. (Ad Age)

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