November 22-28

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

PayPal acquires Honey, Amazon Go stores are going big and Gmail really does it all! These stories and more on this week's Friday Five. 


PayPal announced their largest acquisition, Honey, the shopping and rewards platform for $4 billion. Honey is a browser extension that automatically helps people find online coupons while shopping online. It has 17 million users and the brand originally did most of its marketing through integrated sponsorship in videos of content creators on YouTube. Honey generated $100 million in revenue last year and remains profitable. (Mobile Marketer)


Adobe Photoshop is sneak peeking a few upgrades for its iPad version that users say lacks core tools that people expect while using Photoshop. Adobe plans to add a new AI-powered subject selection tool and send out an update that will speed up Cloud PSD syncing. In 2020, Adobe plans to add the Refine Edge brush, Curves, more adjustment layer tools, brush sensitivity features and Lightroom integration. (The Verge)


Amazon Go supermarkets will be expanding in size and by number of locations in the first quarter of 2020. Amazon continues to expand on the cashierless store operation and is playing around with the possibility of licensing the technology to other retailers. Amazon is currently testing a Go store in a 10,400-square-foot store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. (Ad Age)


The Gmail app will soon your hub for all things Google on your phone or device. You’ll be able to use the app to rsvp to Google Calendar events, respond to comments in Google Docs right from your inbox or get the latest update on an e-commerce purchase you made. Google calls it the most “dynamic” email platform. (CNET)


Amazon’s Alexa can now place your Chipotle order for you. Using the Alexa app, users can enable the Chipotle skill, link it to a Chipotle profile and preset an order. The company’s addition of voice ordering is part of an initiative to increase digital ordering and sales. They have rolled out second makelines, order pick up shelves, AI voice ordering through Chipotlanes and AI for phone ordering as well. (Mobile Marketer) 

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