November 1 - 7

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

Shoot, edit, upload. Videos are the new trend in mobile marketing on social media platforms. TikTok continues to trailblaze the trend, others like Facebook and Youtube are not too far behind. This and more, on the first of November's Friday Five!


Kind Bar reached 18 million views less than 24 hours after launching their hashtag campaign, #kindsimplecrunchcontest, on TikTok. Kind Bar’s in-house social media team  decided to launch a sweepstake on TikTok to the account that gets the most views on their hashtagged video. The winner will receive a free trip to New York and a year’s supply of their Simple Crunch Bars. It seems that brands are reviving classic media tactics on newer platforms and succeeding at it. (Mobile Marketer)


Amazon is price matching the $5 million it costs for a Super Bowl ad to air by $3 million this holiday season for toy brands to get a spot on their holiday toy guide. Amazon charges up to $2 million per brand to be featured sponsors, allowing them to include a list of which products they’d like sponsored. Amazon has sold $20 million in ad space so far. (Ad Age)


Google has been adding shortcuts that work in the search engine for Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more with the “.new” URL. For example, if you’d like to create a new Canva project and your account has been accessed via Google login, type “” into the search bar and it will direct you to a blank sheet in Canva. A new document can be created when you search and it’s also eligible with Microsoft by searching (Gadgets Now)


Social media platforms are further enticing brands to ditch traditional spaces like print and TV. Marketers using platforms like YouTube and Facebook are actively developing strategies to work with the various formats and time limits of these platforms. "Video is a key way of engaging consumers, especially for Gen Z, and consumers are increasingly turning to their phones to consume their favorite content." said Lexi Sydow, App Annie's senior market insights manager. (Mobile Marketer)


Quibi, the mobile-only streaming service, sold out its ad space for its first year. Adding on Discovery Channel, Taco Bell, T-Mobile, PepsiCo and more. QuiBi, short for “quick bytes,” is not creating a smart TV version, but is directly competing with the other over-the-top (OTT) competitors like Netflix and Hulu. Quibi isn’t set to launch until April 2020 but has sold over $150 million in ads thus far. (Mobile Marketer) 

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