Friday Five: October 18 - 24

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

Mobile ordering food is on the come up, Hollister is making a comeback and Disney does it again. All this and more on this week’s Friday Five!


Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch are making a comeback into the fashion scene through Instagram. The fashion brands are skipping the call to action to click to buy through the site by allowing consumers to buy straight from the Instagram app. Consumers can now tap the picture of the item they desire, select color and size and then enter payment information. Instagram will also be sliding into your direct messages with the shipping and delivery notifications. (Mobile Marketer)


The long-awaited Disney+ streaming service finally has a launch date. The company took to Twitter with a 300-post thread going through their film catalog from years past all the way up to present day Disney. The service launches worldwide on November 12th for $6.99 a month. Disney has dominated the media industry for generations and has now made its mark the streaming service industry too. (The Verge)


Another week of fall calls for another week of tech product launches. This time, Google has revealed its lineup for the year. The Google Pixel 4 is the first smartphone with a radar sensor, to create what Google says is a “more human reaction with your phone.” Google has also launched its wireless headphones, Pixel Buds, to compete with Apple’s Air Pods, along with smart home wireless speakers, gaming hardware and more. (Popular Mechanics)


The National Restaurant Association partnered with Technomic to study consumer ordering behavior. The study uncovered that 43% of consumers want to be able to submit their order through the restaurant's mobile app but only 18% of restaurants with apps offer mobile ordering. Recently, more orders are made online, through the app or through third-party delivery services. Restaurants aren’t sure whether to put more effort into their apps because consumers prefer the customization they offer or to work closer with third-party delivery services to provide better options there. (Mobile Marketer)


In other Google news, Chrome Site Isolation has been extended to Android users. Google Chrome Site Isolation is a security feature that Google began developing to isolate each site from another so malicious coding running on a site or tab will not make its way onto another and steal data and information that way. This feature has been available on desktop since July 2018 and has rolled out onto Windows, Mac, Linux, Google products and now finally Android. (ZD Net)

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