Friday Five: July 5 - 11

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  • by: Jerry Caggiano

We are back with a new edition of Friday Five! For this week, Amazon introduces a new Alexa update with newly added features, along with Dominos testing cashless stores, we cover it all!


Amazon is expanding their digital assistant platform “Alexa” with added features such as handling a wider group of tasks, printouts, booking reservations and hailing rides, by offloading those tasks to other skills. (Mobile Marketer)


Scientists in Germany bio-printed skin and bone samples to help determine if the method could be used in a low-gravity environment. These samples are just the first steps for ESA's 3D bio-printing project, giving hope to astronauts and help them survive and treat injuries on long spaceflights. (CNet)


Waymo is making a push to market their driverless taxis with added perks. Waymo states that its core business is charging for rides, not advertising during them. Providing “personalization” perks creates a sense of freedom. (Reuters)


Domino's is testing cashless stores, with customers only being able to use their card, contactless payments (like ApplePay or Android Pay). With a cashless system, Dominos hopes to cut lines in-store, reduce delivery wait times and protect delivery drivers. (Engadget)


Spotify launches its “Lite” version of the original Spotify app requiring only 10mb of storage. Lite apps are becoming more popular and critical as tech companies look to expand to developing countries where data connections are slower and data itself is more precious and expensive. (The Verge)

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