Friday Five: June 14 - 20

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  • by: Rami Sharma

We are back with another edition of Friday Five. For this week, we cover some interesting news about Facebook’s announcement of their cryptocurrency “Libra”, to 5G internet posing as a health concern to the public, and more!


Eagle Creek, the luxury luggage brand, created a bag collection with near-field communications (NFC). Travelers can see a personalized dashboard that shows all the places they've traveled, along with sharing trip information with friends and family. (Mobile Marketer)


Facebook officially announced its blockchain-powered digital currency, "Libra," which aims to provide fast and secure online mobile payments. Mastercard, Uber, Visa and Paypal are among the dozen-plus major companies backing Facebook's secretive cryptocurrency Libra. (Mobile Marketer)


As 5G internet is slowly rolling out, there has been speculation about 5G emitting super high-frequency radio airwaves which has about cellphone radiation risks. (CNet)


As the self-driving car trend continues, Nuro, a self-driving delivery company is targeting pizza delivery with their latest partnership with Dominos. (Wired)


Creating online IDs to protect your data is essential. Learn how you can protect your identity and avoid scams online with these tips. (The Verge)

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