Friday Five: June 7 - 13

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  • by: Jerry Caggiano

For this week's Friday Five, we cover some of the most talked about tech topics. From L'Oreal adding artificial intelligence to its product listings via Amazon to Uber's upcoming drone food delivery system, we discuss it all!


Consumers worldwide will expand their average mobile internet usage by 16% to 930 hours a year by 2021 from 800 hours this year. The growing trend indicates that mobile internet usage will increase to 31% of global media consumption in 2021 from 27% this year, taking time away from TV, newspapers, and magazines.


Amazon's restaurant delivery business is shutting down in the U.S. which was designed for prime members to order meals through the e-commerce giant. Amazon made the decision to exit restaurant deliveries to focus more on its growing grocery delivery business.


L'Oréal is bringing its artificial intelligence (AI) technology to Amazon, which for the first time will give its mobile shoppers a chance to virtually try on makeup before buying. Users will be able to use their smartphone's front-facing camera to digitally sample thousands of lipstick shades in a live video or on a selfie.


Over the weekend, a powerful 8.0 earthquake struck Peru and neighboring Ecuador. Within 48 hours, people affected by this tragedy had working cell phones thanks to a company called Loon. Loon deployed their signature LTE balloon, which was able to provide service amidst a broken network.


Uber plans to start delivering fast food by drone technology this summer in San Diego. Deliveries will be sent to “designated safe landing zones” where Uber couriers will unload the package by hand and take it to the customer’s doorstep. These landing zones may include the roofs of parked Uber cars, which will be identified by the drones using QR codes.


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