Friday Five: May 31 - June 6

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  • by: Rami Sharma

We are back with a new edition of Friday Five! Have a look at some of the most talked about tech topics. From Hertz’s subscription-based car rental to food sensors that can detect spoilage, we cover it all!


Food waste is a problem around the world, that’s why researchers are developing sensors which would help in detecting food spoilage and reduce wastage for supermarkets and consumers. The sensors are combined with 'near field communication (NFC)’ that can be read by nearby mobile devices. (Gadget Snow)


Ikea is incorporating AR technology as testing has started for their new app. The app will include shoppable content, product reviews, easier searching and browsing, and integrated AR functionality. (Mobile Marketer)


Subscription-based car rentals? Hertz is launching their pilot car subscription service which will include Maintenance, roadside assistance, and some insurance coverage. (The Verge)


Amazon’s Ring Doorbell is helping law enforcement build a surveillance network. More than 50 local police departments across the US have partnered with Ring over the last two years, lauding how Ring allows them to access security footage in areas that typically don't have cameras. (CNet)


Instagram debuted a feature this week that lets advertisers turn influencer posts into paid ads and can reach a wider audience. Before the change, brands were limited to reaching only the followers of a particular influencer with a sponsored video or image. (Mobile Marketer)

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