Friday Five: January 1 - 5

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  • by: Jerry Caggiano

The ride-sharing war for global dominance has one clear winner: Softbank’s Mayoshi Son (Forbes)

If ridesharing continues its growth through 2018, Softbank is going to do well. “ The Japanese conglomerate is not only an investor in Didi, Uber and Brazil’s 99, but also in Southeast Asia’s GrabTaxi, and India’s Ola.” Prior to the investment, Mayoshi Son warned Uber he would back Lyft if he was not pleased with the price. Shortly after, ex-CEO Travis Kalanick announced to offload 29% of his stake in Uber Shares.


Spotify’s Chief content officer is leaving ahead of its IPO (Recode)

It was a hectic week for Spotify. They reached 70 million paying subscribers, filed for a direct listing, were hit with a $1.6 Billion copyright infringement  lawsuit, and lost their chief content officer.


Norway powers ahead (electrically): over half new car sales now electric or hybrid (Reuters)

Electric cars have reached a new milestone. In Norway, electric and hybrid cars have grown from 40% in 2016, to 52% of the market in 2017. Can they continue that growth through this year? With a non-binding goal to reach zero emissions by 2025, Norway will continue its very generous subsidies worth thousands of dollars a year.


Alexa is coming to wearable devices including headphones smartwatches and fitness trackers (TechCrunch)

Amazon is rolling out a new Alexa based technology that will bring Alexa to all types of electronics. It’s called the Alexa Mobility Kit, and it allows Alexa to work with any Bluetooth device. The kit could be integrated into a pair of Bose headphones, and used to compete with the Apple AirPods, or Google Pixel Buds.

Google says it sold a Google Home device every second since October 19 (TechCrunch)

Having sold over ten million Google home devices last year, Google hopes to outsell Amazon's Alexa smart speaker through 2018. Google made the announcement just a week before CES, where for the first time they will have a major presence.

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