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Friday Five: February 5 - February 11, 2017

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

This Is What Happened When We Tried to Spend a $5 Million Super Bowl Budget on Facebook

Though many companies believe that owning a Super Bowl commercial spot would get them the most impressions via broadcast television, the ROI of a Super Bowl spot is still a mystery. Maybe it’s time to consider spending the big money somewhere else in today’s modern media culture.


Ad Blocking Shouldn’t be a Roadblock for Mobile Advertising

We usually consider ad blocking as a roadblock in the customer journey. Rather, we should consider it a symptom of poor user experience. Find out three ways to reduce ad blocking in the customer’s perspective.


Six Tips on Personalizing Your Marketing Campaign    

Nowadays, customers connect with brands via multiple channels. The amount of insights and data being collected from different channels could help brands to better personalize user experience. Here are six tips on how to make better personalized campaigns.


Three Mobile Marketing Takeaways From Super Bowl LI

Mobile is no longer the second screen. Seventy-seven percent of Super Bowl social posts were done on mobile. The opportunity for mobile marketing during the big game is bigger than ever. Read about the three takeaways from this year’s Super Bowl.


Advertisers say Snapchat's unique selling point is that it's the cool, new thing — which puts a lot of pressure on the company to stay relevant

With a huge amount of active daily users, there’s no doubt Snapchat is the hottest platform ad buyers are going after. But it seems like Snapchat hasn’t yet proven its ability to drive sales and pushing relevant ads to users still remains a challenge.