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Friday Five: January 29 - February 4, 2017

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

YouTube Testing New In-App Chat Function to Boost Social Activity

Sharing videos with friends just became easier. Google steps up their social game with YouTube after the failure of Google+, allowing users to chat on the YouTube app.


The Siri of the future could detect the tone of your conversations

Personalization is getting more relatable. The future Siri will detect your emotions and respond based on the speech patterns. But protecting the user’s privacy seems to be a challenge.


Game On: 5 Global Mobile Gaming Trends

Gaming is no longer limited to a certain group of people or the living room anymore. The most popular mobile games are incorporating real-time location data. Find out the five hottest mobile gaming trends.


Facebook Wants Users to Discover People With New iOS, Android Feature

Facebook is all about connections, as it introduces a new Discover feature in their app. This might be a real opportunity for users to discover brand messages in the future.


Google's Mobile Search Revenue Grows, and Suggests Higher Mobile Ad Rates Ahead

Google received 96% of all search-ad clicks on mobile devices. Customers now use mobile to find all the information they need on-the-go. Read more about how powerful mobile ads have become.