Friday Five: January 22 - January 28, 2017

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Apple will finally let developers respond to App Store reviews

Apple iOS 10.3 is introducing a new API, where users can rate the app without interruptions and developers can respond to reviews. Ratings and reviews are becoming more useful for app development.


NRF 2017: How Neiman Marcus Aims To Combine Data With Store Associate Insights

Relationship management matters more than targeting. Neiman Marcus is giving their data a human touch to build better consumer relationship, and here’s how.


How Organic Advertising Made Disney World a Holiday Destination

The heart of organic advertising is to create profound experiences. Besides paid advertising, see how Disney uses social media and existing resources to make the brand more magical.


Why Location-Based Machine Learning Is the Smart Path to Personalization

We know no human is perfect but we expect machines to be divine and precise. Incorporating machine learning becomes necessary for businesses to provide a true personalized experience.


New research suggests location-based games influence our perception of culture

Location-based games such as Pokemon Go are more than just playing. Experts explain how these games are also building communities and shaping our perception of local culture.


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