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Friday Five: January 15 - January 21, 2017

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Why Snapchat's New Search Bar Is a Welcome Sign for Brands

The search is over. Snapchat has uncovered the secret to discovering new brands through their new search bar. Here is how your brand can get seen.


Instagram accounted for 70% of GQ’s social revenue last year

The perfect aesthetic for advertisers. By mirroring GQ’s content, sponsored brands are looking better than ever. #Nofilter.


Travel brands poised to grow exponentially with mobile marketing

Mobile is continuing to move forward, but some travel brands are not quite ready for takeoff. Optimize your brand's mobile strategy with these simple tips


7 mobile trends set to revolutionize data-driven marketing in 2017

Stay ahead of the curve with a data-driven approach. From segmenting and targeting audience to quantifying your campaign results, data proves to be the key to success.


World of mobility: How to win the mobile marketing game in 2017
Win big in 2017 by leveraging the world around you and go beyond smartphones with your mobile.