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Friday Five: January 8 - January 14, 2017

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Walgreens Connects Fit-Tech And Rewards — And Boosts Location Sharing In The Process
Big name brands are prioritizing mobile experiences through location technology. Here’s how you as a consumer can be rewarded for everyday tasks time, to cash in.

How Virtual Reality Facilitates Social Connection
Virtual Reality is opening consumers up to new experiences and placing them in the ideal state for remembering and processing information. Here’s what this means for marketers.

Big Data Analytics Trends: 17 Trends for 2017
Big data has even bigger plans for 2017. Analytics and actionable insights are growing fast, as brands search for a way of breaking down the data.

Three Ways Beacon Technology Personalizes the In-store Experience
Engaging, personalized offers. Beacons bring innovation to the in-store experience. However, the consumer experience goes beyond in-store. Location-based technology targets the consumer at the start of their journey. It’s time to think beyond beacons.

The evolution of the customer journey in 2017: Optimizing moments that matter
Micro-moments, while fast and short lived, are the largest factor in driving in-store purchases. Here’s how to bridge the gap between brands and consumers to create a seamless journey.