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Friday Five: January 1- January 7 2017

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Just How Dangerous Is Alexa?
With the use of big data, how much is too much? And, with the constant stream of data how much do companies and brands really know about you?

People Insights
Many companies are mourning the loss of brand loyalty and blame technology for providing constant exposure to new choices. The reality – well, brand loyalty is stronger than ever.

5 Bleeding-Edge Brands That Are Infusing Retail With Artificial Intelligence
The Age of Artificial Intelligence is upon us. From Lowe’s to Starbucks to, retail giants are betting on AI to make the future – for brands and consumers – not only more efficient and data-driven but also exciting.

Happy 'View' Year
Each year marketers throw away 50% of their marketing budget but struggle to identify what that 50% is. Check out the evolution of the digital marketing in 2017 and the importance of focusing on the consumer.

In 2017, Will Location Surge — And Beacons Stall
Beacons are falling behind. Location-based data is the critical success factor for marketing in 2017.