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Friday Five: December 18- December 24 2016

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Holiday Insights: How Brands Can Make the Most of Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Trends
‘Tis the season to be mobile. Learn how your brand can utilize location-based technology to capitalize on this year’s holiday shopping trends before they begin. 

You Can Now Uber to People Directly, and use custom Snapchat Filters as you Ride
A selfie is worth a thousand words. Uber and Snapchat teaming up to create the ultimate consumer experience through mobile.

6 Brands Who Crushed Mobile Marketing this Black Friday
Mobile marketing generated $1.2 billion in sales for brands on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make the most of the holiday shopping season through real-time data and personalized offers.

Google’s Interstitial Ad Penalty and Its Effect on Mobile Marketers
Mobile marketers beware! Starting this January, Google is reshaping mobile experience by icing out invasive mobile advertisements. Now is the time for real-time, personalized mobile messaging.

Google Update Will Let Users Book Fitness Classes Directly Through Maps, Search
Google’s app is reshaping so you stay in shape. Google has created a seamless process for smartphone users to keep fitness on the top of mind this holiday season.