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What can you do with a Micro-Fence: Ski Resorts

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Skiers have been waiting all year and now the time has come - ski season is here.There is nothing better than standing on top of a mountain and taking in the amazing scenery before shooting down the piste. Ski resorts like Vail Resorts provide people great opportunities to experience something that cannot be found in the city. With the help of micro-fencing, ski resorts can now become safer and more fun for everyone.

Skiing is hardly considered a perk of midwest living. However, Vail Resorts invested $13 million to improve Wilmot Mountain earlier this year, bringing the iconic Colorado experience to the midwest. In order to attract more visitors to Wilmot, micro-fences could be built in different cities to show the improvements at Wilmot. Downtown Chicago is only 65 miles south of Wilmot, and if micro-fences were built around the city, more people would see the new resort, bringing in more business.

Compared to other sports, skiing is usually considered to be a dangerous activity. Integrating micro-fencing into Vail Resorts EpicMix App could make skiing at different mountain resorts safer and more enjoyable. Micro-fences could alert skiers of safe zones and guide them through an easier route to get down the mountain. Warning messages could also be delivered if skiers are moving the wrong way or through a dangerous pass.

A lot of times, ski trips are family events. Planning what to do for family members who don’t like to ski can be challenging. With the help of micro-fencing, ski resorts can show visitors information about different activities that happen in the area, such as ski classes for beginners or spa, shopping, and restaurants that provide a more pleasant vacation experience.

There’s no doubt that skiing is one the most popular sports during winter, and it is a fun activity for everyone. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, people can have a relaxing and exciting getaway. This year, this amazing experience can be safer and better with micro-fencing.