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The Friday Five: October 16-22, 2016

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

Facebook add new tools for local discovery and commerce

Facebook is looking to become an all-inclusive mobile solution for local businesses. The social media giant has started adding the features of booking and ordering for pages, social recommendations, and local event discovery. Perhaps the most groundbreaking feature is the “call to action” buttons, which enables the user to buy tickets and book appointments on the pages directly.

Google shares data on how mobile is set to impact shopping this holiday

According to Google, mobile marketing will reshape how consumers shop during the upcoming holiday season. Today, 76 percent of mobile shoppers are not loyal to the brands and retailers they shop at. Furthermore, a growing majority of shoppers are relying on mobile searches to guide their purchasing decisions towards local and personalized options.

Retail Loco Preview: As Location Tech Moves Beyond Mobile, What’s Next?

This week the Location Based Marketing Association announced the latest trends in mobile and location-based technology. As 2017 approaches, greater use of iBeacons and its integration with retargeting online advertisements is on the horizon. Additionally, there is a greater influence of a sharing economy, as more and more consumers are support it due to its cost efficiency.

Marketing to Millennials In the Age of Ad Blocking: Get More Creative

As Millennials continue to make up the largest demographic of mobile users, marketers are struggling to reach them. Two-thirds of Millennials have installed ad blockers, 14 percent of which use them on both desktop and mobile platforms. Digital marketers are having to rethink how they talk to consumers and that starts with direct communication through  personal, relevant dialogue to keep the viewer actively engaged with the brand.

Google Unveils Click-to-message Ads

A new mobile ad format released by Google is set to bridge the gap between consumers and brands. This new AdWords network allows consumers to send direct messages with a brand’s customer advisor through their phone with a simple click on the advert. Sixty-five percent of consumers saying they could benefit from