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The Friday Five: August 21-27, 2016

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  • by: Alexis Prousis

5 Marketing Stats Travel Apps Should See & How To Use Them by Maura Canavan

Looking to get out of Dodge for a few days – Just don’t forget your mobile device. One in three travelers plan on spending more on travel this year, but here’s the big data point: 42% want to use a mobile device to help them plan. Travel apps have the opportunity to capitalize on people’s love of travel and mobility. Ready. Set. Go.


How Technology Is Changing The Way We Travel…For The Better by Jessie Beck

No, your phone isn’t going to ruin our vacation. Quite the opposite actually. With technology changing at the blink of an eye, travel becomes impacted—from guidebooks and train schedules, to hotel reservations and tours. Technology is making it easier for us to travel from place to place. So embrace that rectangular 3-D object in your back pocket and go.


At 25, The World Wide Web Is Still A Long Way From Reality by Klint Finley

When Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web 25 years ago he had lofty dreams and wild aspirations. And, some have come true. Sure, the Web is a hub for people to post anything that want and share ideas. But, lately the web’s newest gatekeepers are two companies controlling the world pretty much: Facebook and Google. Will we look back at the web the way we look back at cable TV? Cool idea, but now I’ve got something even better.


Sephora Steps Forward With Digital Initiatives, Launches Innovation Lab by Lauryn Chamberlain

Putting on makeup just got interactive. Cosmetic giant Sephora is embracing the age of digital by partnering with Pantone Color IQ touchscreens. This means that girls everywhere can receive personalized recommendations on everything from foundations to fragrances while shopping—your personal makeup guru at your service.


Data May Be The Holy Grail, But Creative Is The Secret Weapon by Jeff Rosenblum

You say creative, and everyone seems to be saying data. With the current “Big Data” craze, companies can’t lose sight of their creative teams. They are the people who keep a brand’s voice inline, utilize data in a visual and impactful way, and deliver meaningful messages. Creative may not be “analyzing” the data, but they sure are using it.