Friday Five: October 4 - 10

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  • by: Karolina Bacewicz

This week, Microsoft’s foldable phone is finally here, we continue the unveil the influence that Gen Zers have on CPG brands and how if you can think of it, you can rent it for the night.


Microsoft has finally introduced the foldable Surface Duo mobile phone and is surprisingly running on Google’s Android operating system. The dual screen device has two 5.6-inch displays that open up to an 8.3-inch overall display. Similar to many 2-in-1 laptops, the 360-degree hinge allows the screens to fold fully over. Microsoft says it’s committed to dual-screen devices because they allow people to get more done on the go. (The Verge)


Interestingly enough, Generation Z is deciding which CPGs the household is purchasing. Snapchat conducted research in quarter 4 of 2018, where the social media platform 19 out of 32 ad campaigns CPG brands to determine how well video, Lens, Story and other ads performed on the users who aren’t in control of purchasing. Sixty-three percent of purchases were linked to Gen Z viewers, that number increased twelve percent when both Gen Zers and purchasers viewed the ads. (Mobile Marketer)


E-commerce platform, Shopify, has become the first to integrate with Microsoft Advertising. This expands ad-buying tools to the Microsoft Search Network, which includes Verizon Media’s Yahoo and AOL, both reliant Microsoft’s Bing. Merchants who would like to use the feature can create campaigns, optimize, set budget goals and track results all in the store management dashboard they already use. (Mobile Marketer)


You can sail the ocean blue and spend the night in the boat, too. Boatsetter is the newest to the rental marketplace realm of Airbnb, but for luxury boats. The app handles peer-to-peer insurance and a network of experienced captains to guide inexperienced renters. Boatsetter follows the trend of opening up private luxuries and experiences to the public, allowing another source of side hustle to those willing to share. Other players in the rental economy rent out cars, storage space, private jets, midday naps and campsites. (Wired)


Amazon can process a payment in less than 300 milliseconds, using your hand. Amazon is testing out hand scanning for entry and payment at AmazonGo stores in New York City. The technology scans a unique image of your hand’s size and print, linking it to your account. This technology was used for resident of the 1996 Summer Olympic Village. (Popular Mechanics)


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