Friday Five: September 6 - 12

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  • by: Jerry Caggiano

Friday Five is back with a new edition of the latest technology news! From Amazon’s vision of transforming the current payment gateway system to Coca-Cola adding A.R. technology to its promotions and packaging. We cover these stories and much more!


Amazon is reportedly testing out hand-scanning technology to allow customers to make purchases at Whole Foods in the future. The new payment method will also help to process transactions more quickly. (Popular Mechanics)


Coca-Cola is incorporating AR experiences into their promotions and packaging. The AR-activated cans aim to give consumers a more immersive experience with brand-themed content, turning its packaging into a source of entertainment. (Mobile Marketer)


Intel is implementing a smooth and secured identification process for the 300,000 or so accredited people attendees at Tokyo 2020, cutting down possible ID fraud and reducing long wait times for ID checks. (Tech Radar)


Amazon claims that the system, Rekognition, could already spot people who were happy, sad, angry, surprised, disgusted, calm or confused. It can also accurately identify a person's age range and gender, and works with both video and still images. (Tech Radar)


Starbucks is planning on opening its first-ever pickup-only store in New York City this fall. The stores will let customers order in advance on their phones and pick up their orders without the wait. Earlier this year, the company's mobile app rewards accounted for over 40% of sales in U.S. stores. (Mobile Marketer)

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